Arm your B2B sales team with the best prospect data they’ve ever sold to using cutting edge AI and Machine Learning.

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Prospect Intelligence™ uses cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning to build a real-time account-based B2B prospect universe pattern-matched in detail to your ICP, and made exclusively available to your organisation.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Confidently predict sales growth by targeting your sales efforts at a prospect universe most likely to convert.

Reduce Prospect Research Time

Optimise your sales resource by arming your team with a complete, up to date and highly targeted prospect universe.

Increase Sales Performance

Drive improved sales engagement and lower new customer acquisition costs by reducing empty prospecting.

Learn how AI is revolutionising B2B account-based sales

    What is Prospect Intelligence™?

    Sales professionals know that the best way to identify a company’s fit with your ICP is to take a look at their website. But even a quick glance at a few prospect websites each day drains valuable selling time.

    Prospect Intelligence™ uses advanced NLP to scan the website of every UK registered company in real-time. Turning website content into actionable data that is pattern-matched to your ICP at a granular level, then scored and ranked to provide your unique target account universe.

    How it works


    We model a granular understanding of the most important characteristics for your organisation’s current best customers.


    These are ingested by our proprietary AI technology and a detailed blueprint of your organisation’s ICP is machine-learned.


    We scan the websites of all UK registered companies using advanced NLP to find exact lookalikes of your organisation’s ICP.


    We purpose-build your real-time target account universe, which is scored and ranked to best match your ICP.

    From sales intelligence to sales performance

    An objective multi-dimensional view of your organisation’s ICP.

    Millions of UK registered companies searched across all regions and industries.

    AI-generated company summary provides quick-to-view insight.

    Up to date social media and web links compiled for ease of access.

    Accurate cross-channel POC data provided where available.

    Fully GDPR compliant CSV file compatible with all CRM integrations.

    Accelerate your sales quota with Prospect Intelligence™

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